How do I redirect printing for DOS Apps?

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How do I redirect printing for DOS Apps... LPT1 versus USB ?
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Try this mate:

Involves using the NET USE command to set up a persistant connection USB --> LPT port
You need to share the printer first. Then use the following command:

NET USE LPT1: \\servername\printername /PERSISTENT:YES

In this, servername is the name of the PC on which the printer is shared. Printername is the share name you have given the printer on that PC.

One caveat. DOS programs typically only send text to a printer, possibly with some commands in a printer language like PCL, to get the correct formatting. Many USB printers do not understand any of that, not even text. The rely on the Windows graphics engine to convert the page into dots on the paper. If you can tell me which printer you are trying to use I can check its specs to see if you have a chance.

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