How to make the TS Session Broker highly available?

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After reading the Technet step by step articles, numerous other posts, blogs and technical articles, my understanding is that the TS Session Broker Load Balancing server and NLB will provide resiliency in the event one of the TS servers goes down.

However I have not been able to find anywhere any information on how to increase the availability of the TS Session Broker service itself, other than using MS Cluster technologies. I am hoping to find some way to cluster or load balance the TS Session Broker service using something such as NLB, as cluster will be too much of an overkill for this project. If I don't do this, my understanding is that the TS farm will have a single point of failure in the TS Session Broker service, which I want to avoid.

Please correct me if I am wrong on any of the above, and if you could assist with helping me acheive high-availability for the TS Session Broker service, I would appreciate it.
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Henrik JohanssonSystems engineer
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The Session Broker can be unavailable temporary, but you don't get the load balancing for the TS until the Session Broker is back online.
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NLB is not a full cluster as some mistaken. NLB is just a load balancing within your network load only. There is nothing to do with the OS, application (such as TS or SQL...). You will not have a full fault tolerant feature unless the application does. You case, instead of using TS (as you know TS won't provide such failover capability), you can use Citrix. Citrix is an independant TS application that provides you failover capability (high availability), but it may hit your budget constraint.

To work arround, you may want to create a simple script (.cmd or .bat) with net start command. You then from the properties of TS Broker service, recovery tab, select to run the net start command or your script when service failed.


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