How to Save UltraGrid Cell Values to Database and Refresh Grid to Show Changes

ClayRankin used Ask the Experts™
I am using UltraWebGrid with a SQLDataAdapter datasource.  I change a cell value programatically from a menu click by:

Me.UltraWebGrid1.DisplayLayout.ActiveRow.Cells(26).Value = "Completed"  

How do I use the same menu click event to save the new value to the SQL database and repaint the grid to show the new value?
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This line should have already updated the grid cell.  Me.UltraWebGrid1.DisplayLayout.ActiveRow.Cells(26).Value = "Completed"
with the wingrid use the gridname.updatedata to refresh the bound data.  This will not automatically update the table.
You'll have to use whatever method you normally use to update the table i.e data adapter, sql update command etc...  

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