script ti extract files, install program then delete source files.

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This may be a outer space question but I have several hundred users all over the west coast that need to be upgraded to Office 2007. I have purchase all the required licenses.  These users do not have access to out LAN. I do not want to send out copies of Office 2007 to them and they end up sharing it with all their friends and family. Is it possible to use a script to extract the office 2007 then install and when completed deleted the files?
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This seems not possible. they could install it from a cdrom, and you will never be able to erase the cdrom ...
Do you have a unique serial for the hundred users ?
Yes, I have a custom MSP file created so when setup.exe is run, it will install Office with all the add-ons that I chose for them. They would not have to enter the cd key.

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