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I am looking for a way to set the maximum execution time for Perl scripts that are being run through the browser on a Win 2003 server. I have a remote contractor that needs to be able to debug scripts that will run through the interpreter once they are built and debugged. The problem is that the scripts are long and they keep timing out. I have looked in the IIS settings and cannot find any place to make the change. Also, as I understand it to be, there is no Perl php.ini like file where you can set maximum_execution_time.
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Take a look at and see if it helps.


hi clockwatcher,
I am using iis 7, so that link didnt really help much. The only thing I found in the IIS manager was an ASP script timeout.
You said you were using Windows Server 2003.  IIS7 is on Windows 2008.  IIS6 on 2003.  If you looked at the other pages of the article, pretty sure that article covered both... Anyway, here's a link specific to IIS7:

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