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I have created a component which uses Documentum Checkout operation to checkout a document. The folder to which the document needs to be checkout should already be there on the user's machine otherwise it throws an error.
Is it possilbe that this checkout folder is created on the fly (if it does not exist). It is not possible to ensure that all users will have some specific folder on their machine. So we need to create it from the application itself.
I think in default webtop checkout component, an applet creates the c:\Documentum\checkout folder (if it does not exist). Can we do something simlar when not using the webtop checkout component.

Thank you
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I would think that any application can check if a folder exists and create it if it is required. These are standard operations available in most environments.
Which language are you using to write the application?


I am using Documentum WDK (which uses Java). The standard operation that you are referring to would check for the folder on application server and would create one in application server if it does not exist.
I want to check for the folder in client machine and create the checkout folder there if it does not exist.

The Documentum checkout folder is created through the installation of the UCF (Unified Client Facilities) component; this is an applet that gets installed the first time you view a document in the repository. I don't think you'll be able to use this folder without using the UCF; however you may try to use the system variables on Windows to get a checkout directory, like %HOMEPATH% or %HOMEDRIVE%.
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I agree with omoralesm. You should try to leverage DCTM's UCF component.

Here's a post with some details for you:

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