save the whole website with its source code

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How could I save the whole website with all of its source code?

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IE can do that for a single page, but if you want a whole site then I think you want
File>Save Page As>"Save as type" Drop down box and selete "Web Page, Complete"
Press CTRL+S, select your file type as "Web Page, Complete". For the source code, you could right-click on the page then select "View Source" for IE or "View Page Source" for Firefox. Press CTRL+A and copy-paste the code to your favorite editor.
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Ive used httrack many times before and always had good luck with it.

However, be aware that is there is server side scripting, this will not be captured by any of these programs.  In that case, your best option would be to ftp into the site if you have access and download all the files.

which assumes you have permission to actually do what you're trying to do and aren't trying to steal the whole thing.
Of course if you have such permission you almost certainly already have access to all the source code for the site.

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