how may I force a full table scan for all tables in Oracle database

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We know we can use FULL hint to instruct CBO to do a full table scan, but CBO may disregard this request when the query can be done by accessing index file instead of data file.

Are there any trick we can exploit to force Oracle to do a full table scan? I need do this to do gather system level performance stats.

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delete the indexes, do your testing, then recreate the index


Thanks for your prompt response. It's not a feasible solution for my case though. I got hundreds of tables and indexes ... .

My query is something like     " 'select count(*) from ' || v_table ;" of which the v_table is dynamically generated.
there is a NO_INDEX hint as well.
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yes, but no_index(table_name, index_name) needs I know index name first and the tricky thing is that some table might have multiple indexes.

If this hint specifies no indexes, then the optimizer does not consider a scan on any index on the table. This behavior is the same as a NO_INDEX hint that specifies a list of all available indexes for the table.

Naveen KumarProduction Manager / Application Support Manager

try using both FULL hint and NO_INDEX hint as well and that should give the results you are expecting.

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