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Well I am beyond frustrated and out of ideas. I am fairly good with PCs, I build my own and am pretty self reliant at fixing problems, but this one is beyond me. Anyone who can help me fix this problem will have my most sincere respect. Microsoft has lost it...

I randomly and inexplicably lost internet access one day after a normal reboot. It had been working fine for months, but since then I have only been able to get local access to my router, no internet access. To further clarify, I am always getting a 169... IP address. Other computers on the network access no problem, so I am pretty confident it is a Vista issue.

I tried all the solutions I read about online:

- Done all the super simple stuff (please dont tell me to power cycle my modem)
- Disabled ipv6 (tried to but most times I try to change something LAN properties it timed out and stopped responding, only way to close it was to power down)
-Tried the official Vista solution involving  ReEdit
-updated firmware on router (Linsys Wrt 54G)
- disabled/enabled network adapter

Beyond this I have ven gone to some extreme steps
-Skipped my router all together and tried hooking up striaght to the Modem.
-Tried using restore points (didn't work)
- I completely reformatted my entire PC and Reinstalled Vista from scratch (STILL DIDNT FIX IT!!!)

After a reformat and clean install didn't work I have just about given up. IS there any reason not to switch to Apple at this point. In my opinion, this product should not be sellable. If a brand new install of the product will not connect to the internet, it's just broken.

Any geniuses out there have some ideas?

I''ve heard that maybe some static IP solutions might work but this doesn't make sense to me. I shouldn't have to rely on that since it was working for months without using static IPs. I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Thanks in advance.
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Just for giggles, spend $10 on a cheap PCI Network Card, and test it out...... This doesnt work, we can continue.....

Hi -
Vista works just fine with the Internet and there is no reason that your should not.
A few questions, please -
1. I gather you are connected to the router or modem via Ethernet ?  
2. What firewall and anti-virus product are you using?
3. Was #2 installed right after the Vista re-install?
4. Is your copy of Vista full retail or OEM ?
5. Did you activate your copy of Vista?
6. Did you validate " " at the Microsoft Genuine Advantage web site?          
7. Who is the manufacturer of the NIC driver?
8. What is the version of the driver?
9. All is OK with the Device Manager?
10. Have you checked the Event Viewer logs?
11. Any difference with the IE connection in Safemode w/ Networking?
12. What does ipconfig /all look like?
13. Are any of the other PCs connected to the same router Vista systems?
If you don't mind, please run msinfo32 and save it as an NFO file (NFO = default extension)
START | msinfo32 | save as NFO file
Then, please rename the NFO file - place .TXT on the end.  Zip it up and attach to your next post.
Regards. . .

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Concur with johnb6767 - I carry spare NIC's on every service call I do.
You can waste hours trouble-shooting 'maybe this' kinds of problems, but taking 5 minutes and slapping in a spare NIC can sure narrow the possible problems.
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Well I using a motherboard buitl in networking solution and I didn't think it was the problem since it was still connecting to the local network, but you were right. I bought a new PCI networkign card and it did the trick. Wish I had tried that before reformatting :(

Thanks for the help.


Thanks for the help. Only reason I didn't give an A is just because of how simple the answer was. Hope that's ok.
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Glad it is solved, but at least next time, you will not get burned by this problem again....  :^)
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No biggie on the grade..... But...... The answer was spot on, regardless of simplicity...... Sometimes we overlook the basics....
I am sorry if you find troubleshooting to be a waste of time, but for one in your position, I can certainly understand the reason(s).  I honestly had [wrongly] assumed, based on the wealth of info contained in your initial post, that you had tried another NIC.  
For some reason, eventhough you carry spare NICs with you, you did not try one -- until it was mentioned by johnb6767, who does deserve an A, in my opinion.  As was said, sometimes the simple solution escapes us - and I have found that to be very true when I am trying to fix my own system.
My reply was  based on my 10,000++ postings in the last 1.5 years dealing with those who literally will not  spend 10 cents on a new CD-R to burn an ISO that I believed to be corrupted, let alone $10 on a NIC.  I need to be more aware and reminded like this thread does to the fact that things are a little different here at EE.
I am glad that you have a solution to this problem.
Have a good weekend. . .

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