Server2008 Activation Problem

Hardware: A8N5X motherboard, AMD 64 Processor 3200+, DDR400 X 2G.
Software: Server2008 Sp2
INternet connection: OK

After Server2008 Sp2 installation, i can't activation the production.
When i try to activate SVR2008 SP2, I get the foloowing Error.

A problem occurred when windows tried to activate. Error Code 0x80072F8F.

Please help.....................

Gordon TinIT ManagerAsked:
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What kind of key did you use?  Retail, MAK, or KMS?
BTW, check your time and time zone settings.  They're usually the first to cause the error I think.
To resolve this error, use one of the following methods:

Resolution Suggestion One:

# Check you have the correct time and date and time zone:

1. Double click the clock in the bottom right hand corner.
2. Check you have the correct time and date.
3. Click the Time Zone Tab.
4. Check you have the correct time zone.

Resolution Suggestion Two:

# Re-register these important files and check IE settings:

1. Click Start.
2. Choose Run.
3. In the Run box, type:    regsvr32 Mssip32.dll
4. Click OK.
5. Repeat this time typing:  regsvr32 Initpki.dll

6. Open Internet Explorer
7. Select the Tools menu and then select Internet Options
8. Choose the Advance tab
9. Unselect 'check for server certificate revocation' reboot PC and test again!

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ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
Did you select the same OS edition (Standard, Enterprise) as before?  Do you have a license server or not?

During installation, did you have to enter the product key (e.g. Volume License you don't).  If so, click the button next to the activation area in the system properties dashboard and enter your product key.

Alternatively, can use the cmd method:

slmgr -ipk %product key% (installs product key)

slmgr -dti (this returns the Installation ID value in a popup, which is a very long number)

Try activating again - if necessary:

Call Microsoft Activation and say the Installation ID. They will give you the Activation Code.

slmgr -atp %Activation Code from Microsoft% (you should receive a pop-up stating that the code was 'deposited successfully') (forget offhand if this uses the dashes or straight through, I think uses dashes - recommend entering into notepad with the command and then copy/paste into cmd)

Another thing you can try:
slmgr -upk (uninstalls the product key)
slmgr -cpky (clears product key from registry)
slmgr -ipk %product key% (installs product key)
slmgr -ato (activates Windows)
Gordon TinIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
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