SMS clients - "Unable to start service "ccmsetup" on machine "xxxxx", error = 1053"

I am trying to remotely install/repair advanced clients using the SMS console.  In the ccm.log file I get the message:
"Unable to start service "ccmsetup" on machine 'xxxxx', error=1053"
"Failed to install CCM Client Bootstrap component on client (1053)".

I do not have trouble installing clients normally using ccmsetup.exe, the advanced clients work fine, they can be seen in the console and can be deployed to without any problems.

I would like to install and repair the client from the console so any help in sorting out this error message would be much appreciated.


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Is Management point working fine?
Huss121Author Commented:
The last 30 lines in mpcontrol.log report:
Http verification .sms_aut (port 80) suceeded with status code 200, OK.

The last line on mpsetup.log is:
Installation was successful.

The last lines in mpfdm.log are:
Moving 1 file(s) from e:\sms\mp\outboxes\\ to e:\sms\inboxes\auth\\ one at a time
Moved file e:\sms:mp\outboxes\\J4VN1JZL.SID to e:\sms\inboxes\auth\\7x19tkcl.SID
Waiting for changes in MP outboxes, max wait = 1800 seconds.

There don't appear to be any error messages in those logs, and manually installing the client at the workstation always works. Are there any other logs I can look at to look for clues?

Many thanks,
Couple of things to check:
1) On the target workstation in %systemroot%\system32, you'll have two folders, ccmsetup and (doubtfully) CCM.  In the ccmsetup folder should be a logfile that may help point you in the right direction.

2) In the Services control panel, is there an SMS or CCMSetup service? If so, what happens if you start it and go away for an hour?

It sounds like the issue is with the installation or the kickoff on the CCMSetup service (which pulls the prereq patches and actually does the CCM Client install).  It's either a problem CREATING the service (check the Remote Registry service is up and running and that the Remote Administration exception in Group Policy is enabled for this box) or in STARTING the service.

Trouble is, the latter could be a whole host of things--I've seen reboots fix the issue, I've had it be wierd WMI issues, and I've had to hack into bits of the credential store in the registry.  See if you can isolate just that one client's installation in the CCM log and see if that points out any more details.

Also, lat me know if the service is there in the Services control panel.

Huss121Author Commented:
Hi itenginerd

Many thanks for your reply, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Your suggestions were very helpful and really appreciated.  I also checked the Client Push Installation account.  As I inherited this system, I wasn't sure about the account being used, so I created another account in its place and since then I haven't seen any more 1053 errors.  I will keep monitoring this just to make sure this has solved the problem and let you know.



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I had the same problems on a few of my clients.  Make sure the BITS and WMI services are running.  For some reason they were not running on my particular clients.
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