Cluster service was terminated as requested by Node 2

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Exchange 2007 cluster went down.  Cluster service was down.
System event log on the server shows "Cluster service was terminated as requested by Node 2".  The Source is called:  ClusNet.  The Event ID is :  1118.

Node 2 of the exchange server was the passive node at the time.  Node 1 was the active node.
Not sure why Node 2 would request the cluster service to terminate.

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this issue.
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sounds like it was preventing split brain, must have lost heart beat network.

Is the public network configured as mixed to carry both heartbeat traffic as well as application traffic?


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I found another error in the system event log :

Cluster service is shutting down because the membership engine failed to arbitrate for the quorum device. This could be due to the loss of network connectivity with the current quorum owner.  Check your physical network infrastructure to ensure that communication between this node and all other nodes in the server cluster is intact.

then just after that, this error:

Cluster service was halted to prevent an inconsistency within the server cluster. The error code was 5892.

Have the network connections (TCP/IP setting) been reviewed and pinged on each network (public and private)?

Could also review the cluster log on C:windows\cluster\cluster.log on both nodes.

If a node which does not have the quorum online, and only can communicate with the "quorum" over the network to the other node, and it looses its network connections.
In the regroup it will check that it has at least one active network, if not, it will terminate itself (stop cluster service). If it does have an active network then it will try to arbitrate (using scsi reserve) for the quorum disk. As long as the other node is fully functional, it will loose this arbitration and it will terminate itself (again stop cluster service).
this was a switch and/or port issue - moved network cable to new port and switch.  this fixed the issue.

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