Inserting large amount of data into mysql. Out of memory

I have
"insert into $1 (decimal x 4, int x 2) values ("
in a text file, and do
cat insert-command values-file > file2
mysql < file2

This works well with smaller files, but dies with:
ERROR 5 (HY000) at line 13: Out of memory (Needed 2579824 bytes)
on a file about 130mb.
Any suggestions on how to work around this?
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Have you tried changing configurations in mysql configuration file. Try changing values of

letharionAuthor Commented:
First I tried to raise all tenfold, which made the "needed" value fall a bit lower.
I reverted and starting changing key_buffer_size, and noticed that it made a difference.
If I push it up to 2000M, the error message changes to:

ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line 13: MySQL server has gone away
letharionAuthor Commented:
Googling indicates that max_packet_size might be relevant. It's set to 64 on both client and server.
letharionAuthor Commented:
I gave it a try and raised the value to 640 on both sides. The query seems to take a while longer before it fails, but still does so.
letharionAuthor Commented:
I just chopped the data up with split and scripted several inserts.

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