.NBF file does not open

I am trying to open a file with a .nbf extension. Actually, this file was created on my Nokia cell phone (3120) when I backed up all my stuff including the address, contacts and other information that I had saved on the cell phone.

I had transferred the file on to my PC and tried opening it up with NTI Backup Now 4.7 without any success. Please let me know how I can open up this .nbf file on my PC.

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Hi golfer2

I immediately found the following from the NTI Support Forum in a google search.  The advice by the Administrator named "NTI Tech" seems to have worked for the person asking the same question as you, and is what came into my head as a first guess ie. Backups aren't supposed to be opened, they are supposed to be "Restored":


Quoted from NTI Tech's suggestion:

Open NTI Backup NOW.
Click on "View" then "Restore".
The program will then ask you what to restore.
Click on the folder icon to the right of the blank box and navigate to your .nbf file and click Open.
From there you will need to put a check in the box near the folders that you want to restore.
In step 2 you can choose to restore the files to the original location or you can select a specific folder, then go to step 3.
Here you can select the appropriate option and then click Start, the program will then restore your files.

If that doesn't work for you, or if you are receiving some error message, then could you first of all provide us with the details of the error message and then tell us what version of NTI backup Now the backup (a) was created with, and (b) what version you are using to open the backup file.

If you created the backup with an older version of the program than you are now using to try and open it, or vice versa, then that could easily be the problem.

Perhaps there is some conversion of the file when it is copied from the phone.

Was the *.nbf file on an SD or microSD card in your Nokia phone before you copied it to your PC, or was it in the phone's internal memory?

Did you use the Nokia synchronising software to copy it from phone to PC?
On re-reading your question, it appears that the NTI Backup Now program you used was installed as an application ON THE PHONE.  In that case it most likely creates backup files that are more compressed than a version of the same software for a PC.  maybe you could clarify this.

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golfer2Author Commented:
Hi Bill,

Sorry about the late response. Actually the cell phone belongs to a friend of mine and will get you more information after checking with him. As far as the restore function is concerned,  I tried it but kept on getting the message "Invalid backup file". I will let you know as soon as possible.

golfer2Author Commented:
Not a sufficient solution
Hello golfer2.

Thank you for accepting my comment as the answer, but I am puzzled about the "B" Grade and the final comment "Not a sufficient solution".  I'm not bothered about grades or points, they are not important to me, but my involvement didn't offer a "sufficient solution" because I was awaiting some feedback from you to clarify things before making more suggestions.

Anyway, if you are happy enough to close the question without it being totally solved, then that is fine with me.

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