How do I supress a company logo picture on a Crystal report when it is printed?

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We use Crystal Reports XI to produce our invoices. We have a picture of our company logo that appears at the top of each of these invoices in a page header section. I would like to find a way to suppress the logo when it is physically printed (these are printed on quality headed paer) but retain it at all other times, for example, when it is exported to PDF. This allows us to send an electronic copy to customers if need be.

Any assistance or guidance would be gratefully received.
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It depends on how you print the reports?

If you print them from the viewer then it isn't possible.
If you print from an application then you can pass in a parameter that controls if the image is displayed or not.

If you have to print from the viewer you could add a new button to the viewer and rerun the report to print it.

I agree with mlmcc regarding a parameter.

I would make a parameter which prompts for Invoice Type - choices - Electronic and Mailed.

You would then right click on the image and next to the SUPPRESS (leaving the box unchecked) hit the X2 and type

if {?InvoiceParameter} = 'Mailed' then YES else NO

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