how to check printed jobs in server 2008 print server

Hi Experts,

In Server 2003 all the printed jobs can be seen in System logs. Where can I check the printed jobs in Server 2008?

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Not very familiar with Server products, though this site here makes mention of a new Print Management Console in 2008,39044904,62048326,00.htm
lo_oscarAuthor Commented:
Yes, I'm aware of this tool. However this does not show any logs about my printed jobs.
I know that some printers allow you to view the job history from their own web page. I think this article from MS explains an easy way to display this with "Extended View" in Print Management.

The article is here;
and under section
"View Extended Features for Your Printer"

Hopefully there might be something useful on this page.
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Actually this tool looks pretty good and its free, supports servers/network printing

and another free one here
Something here too about setting an option in each printer to log its events
We just had the same problem. Needed to find a log entry for a job that printed because of the content of the printout. This is our first time using a 2008 print server. It actually works the same as the 2003 print server as far as logging is concerned except that by default the "log spooler information events" check box is not checked on the server. In 2003, this was checked by default.

Right click on the server object in Print Management and select Properties. Go to the Advanced tab. The third checkbox down is "log spooler information events." We just enabled this and our print jobs are now showing in the system log.

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Alan DalaITCommented:
Thank you all for your responses. This request was triggered by an HR violation. I was able to turn this service on Windows 2012 server on but it doesn't show any past jobs. Is there a way to get those past jobs somehow?  

Thank you for your help!
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