build an  expression ,query wheel for a database ?

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Is anyone interested  in building an  expression ,  query wheel for a database like Access ?
Ruby men and women  perhaps  needing a little project to tone up those flight  muscles ready to show the world that computers are well  .. really useful  and quick  to the draw  , you could perhaps put in on rails Or   .net  builders   need a forum to show what can really be done asp  when you have both the ways and means   ??  Give it shot  anyone ? climb the hill because its there  ?
At what  I envisage
 A  visual interface  a bit like a 16 sided wheel  with spokes .  you  spin it  round with the mouse and expressions show ,are revealed in a window which is in  a segment of the wheel   and  the  result  of that expression show up in descriptive window .Having then  chosen the expression  right for the job you clik drag and drop it to the query  where it is to be applied  , now isn t that  better than the builder  in Access ? and if you  get it wrong  hey we can go back and spin the wheel again ,drag and drop till we get it right  and next time we call back well be  smarter and quicker on thedraw .
I quess what I have in mind  its a bit like an on screen  circular slide  rule  ( dont know about slide rules try wiki ? )  for Access slaves  .
I need one for Access  but would drop Access like an removal man puts down  an Anvil     if I could get an expression query builder like this that would work on a database of some sort
And is it possible to build it ?  for Access Mysql or any  other  dbase family  ?

If anyone is interested  let me know and I can  draw a visual perhaps make a paper mock up  of what  I have in mind for Access  expressions at least  
About  me . I am a back office worker who wants to get home early having got the job done and  well
I am not an expert of any sort in computer s  but I read a bit about them and I  work hard and intend to become a fantastic expert at getting the  box to do loads and loads of work for me and other s  .

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
Most Valuable Expert 2012

Can you simplify what it is you are looking for here in a General sense, using general terms?


So here I am  on an Access Page  with two Genius looking down  ( sure hope they havent read all the misinformed and half baked things  I have  said  in the past about Access, along the lines of:-  using Access  , in my humble  opinion and experience does  for office productivity   what gout does for  sprinters  or, Access is the  stuff that makes the IT department grow  )   I am so regretting all those past comments  now. If only  mother had warned me that  I might  end up on the same page as not one, but two Access Genie.  I would have been more discreet oh so much more discreet .
Anyhow, as we are  well and truly in the lions den right now I will  bite the bullet  chin up and here we  go. I will   explain as specifically as i can what I am seeing in my minds eye  that will help Access and me   to come to terms .. possibly .

1) take a piece of  paper or card  cut it to as large a circle as you can manage  divide into sixteen or so segmenst  with penil  and ruler  number the segments  
2) write 16 of the expressions  that Access Help  describes  you can use in query criteria ,   in the segment  radialially  from  center to edge  of tuther way if youi like  .
       I have in mind those it cites for building  Criteria  in a query for starters  chose one  of the categories and put them all  or the best most used of  the same type  in the segments  on the disk
 Chose  just one  type  from the various types. ie those that do  dates  ,those that do  calcs,  those that do  text and other things,  those that do things that I  dont  know about yet.But importantly   only use one type on ta disk
3) Now cut out another paper  or card circle slightly smaller than the first one   cut  out a window  slot in this card  that is the same size   and orientation  as a  single segment  as draw on the first card

4  Make a pin hole in the middle ( sorry mathematicians I meant at the centre ) of  each card .Go to the stationary tray or someone who always seems to have the right thing and get one  of those brass  things with a button top and two legs   they are about the size of a  smalla paper clip and use it to secure the two pieces of card together   through the hole you made in the centre  of the disks using the brass thingy .
Now  all being well  you have a  disc with a window in it  that  reveals the contents of one segment   showing one   expression  on the dsik below . Having fun ?  No I quessed not so lets more qucikly on and
Repeat  steps   1-  4  
Producing a disc  expression reader   for each of the  types of  expression that can be used to get the goodies  out of a table   via  a criteria  in a query   ( we can progress to other  uses of expression later   . . maybe if we are brave and if I havea clue what they were all about  )  so we have say  3 or fours discs I guess now
Now this is the really   smart bit .Ready ?
5)   Get get the smartest Access person you know  to stand next to you   and  look over your  shoulder and  as you  turn the disk segment by segment  in a kindly voice  to tell you what each  expression does , and what presise  results it will produce  .  Go through all the discs  making sure that you have got all the good bits   look out particularly for the  one where you hear the kindly voice  say something like  and this is the expression  that tells us that as of  5 pm Friday you are only Holiday for  a fortnight   in a red dwarfy kind of way . ( that was a joke  there is not really  an expression that does that  , well not on its own  if there was all the codeers would  be out of a job now would they not ? )
     If you  cant  have  a Access  wizard or genius look over your shoulder  get some  one to read them aloud  from  the  Access Help   files  but  ,nicely ,without any bitterness or rancour  in the tone of voice  .
Is that it ? Wll just about,  except that you cannot   expect the geni  to stay  on your shoulder all the time    so what we are going to do next is .

FIND SOMEONE  to build it  all digitally ,Then hook it up inside the  MS Office Programme  along side good old Access   so that i can bring it up  on the screen whenever  I need it .  click on the right   disk, spin it round  with the mouse  and instead of  a real Access Guru  gently telling me   what the expression does  have it displayed in a window  . I  can ,when I am sure what it is I need ,cut and paste it  from that window into the Access query  panel  or whatever its called !!  
In the advance stable release candidate  version their may perhaps be  a voice  announcing i  .if you use this expression you  will identify all those employees  who will retire next month  if you apply  it to the DOB  field .Please send them a card       .  .   yes we could even get the little paper  clip  on a bike man back from Office 2003  riding round on the disks   !!
So that  is it  quys. A  digital  on screen  Access Help spin  your way around and  through expressions.A  Spinning Wheel  for the  Formulerically  challenged .

What do you think  so far ??        I thought so
OH well .  after you Geni review this and have to   ,and quite rightly so  , evict me  from the Access Zone for heresy  and failing to  maintain  due order and compliance  in Accessland .Please I beg   be merciful and   send me somewhere  far  away  where there  is a Big Jolly  Santa Claus type  expert  ..  who might just say  ho ho ho    sonny,  the elves will  knock you one of those  up in a GUI  Jiffy  .
   I dont know where that will be.Will it be  Ajax  land  perhaps?  Or  the place where Flash gordon .NET  &   little miss  Ruby on and off  the  rails lives  maybe.
So thanks for your  time  and I hope I have brought some little ray of something   to you ()
MIS Liason
Most Valuable Expert 2012
Dear Kind Sir,

From my vantage point, it seems a though a "Quiz" type design is the manner of interface you desire.

However, due to time constraints imposed on me by obligations outside of this forum, I cannot build the system you have so eloquently outlined here, in the exact manner in which you have prescribed.
As an aside, there are a great many Experts here who would also bring into question if your request is even commensurate with the Points value you have assigned it.
This, however, is not my position.

In the interface I am proposing, you would presented with an expression.
For reasons beyond my sphere of knowledge, the definition of this expression may or may not be known to you.

Now, ...with the full weight of all those who have toiled night and day to see that this knowledge is firmly within your grasp...
Your challenge will be to define this Expression, clearly identifying its purpose, and usage.

Now, if all goes according to plan, millions of years of mammalian Brain Evolution will be brought to bear, by you, to solve this great mystery.

With any luck, in a few moments your answer will be revealed in verbal form.

At such time, you will have the option to reveal the true Definition of the aforementioned Expression.

Only then will the people closest to you know if the sleepless nights were for all for naught.
(As for me and my house, we are confident that you will be victorious.)

This process can be repeated, in a random fashion, as many times as you like, until even the most unfaithful will emerge from the darkness of doubt and into the shimmering light of limitless knowledge.
So, I put it plainly to you, kind sir:
Is this a fair (albeit simplified) representation of the functionality you have so valiantly tried to convey to me?
And for the sake of brevity, Dear Sir, please reply: Yes or No.

If yes, then by all means take this meager offering from me, and keep it as your own.
I do not want, nor am I seeking, any compensation beyond that which was originally set forth by you at the outset of this correspondence.

If not, then it is my hope that we will depart as friends, safe in the knowledge that one day, in the not too distant future, or paths may once again cross.

Jeffrey Coachman

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1 )yes

2) Thanks very much  your so  kind

3)   i havent quite got the full hang of posting questions yet sorry about  the points
 Ithought I  offered 2000 !!

4 ) its not qite the spinnin wheel I had  in mind  but probably more appropiate !!  

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
Most Valuable Expert 2012

Then please click the "Accept as Solution" link for my post


Than you this has set me up on the way to manipulating expressions whilst working in Access .and wil not doubt given suitable levels of input and study on my part hopefully improve my workrate

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