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Change the background color of the FCK editor for a drupal website

The FCK editor uses the background color of the website as the background for the editor, and when the background color is dark, it is really hard to read the text on the page without switching to the plain text editor. Does anyone know how to change it to always be a white background? I can't figure out where this is! I think the div for where you enter content is "edit-body", but I can't find any CSS for this.
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If you use IE8 press F12 select the text area and it will display the CSS applied to it. Makes searching through CSS so much easier.
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I don't have IE 8 and I am not ready to get it yet.
It doesn't have to do with CSS.  I've used FCKeditor before for an ASP site and it's worked great.  
However, I don't believe there is a way to change the background color as it is generated by the FCKeditor itself.  Let me look @ my site and I'll post back with what I find.
Thanks, it is REALLY annoying to have it be the same color as the dark background of the website!
Couldn't access my files remotely
Try this link:  
maybe I did this wrong.
I added a body class and id, for good measure, did both, see snippets below.
I created a new CSS page and put it n the css folder
FCKConfig.EditorAreaCSS = FCKConfig.BasePath + 'css/fck.css' ;
and saved it to the css folder.

This is not working.

FCKConfig.BodyId = 'fckcontent' ;
FCKConfig.BodyClass = 'fckcontent' ;
/* the css for the fck.css page
#fckcontent {
.fckcontent {

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In your fckconfig.js set

Did you see that?
yes, as I said I did, see below:

FCKConfig.EditorAreaCSS = FCKConfig.BasePath + 'css/fck.css' ;
FCKConfig.BodyId = 'fckcontent' ;
FCKConfig.BodyClass = 'fckcontent' ;

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YES! YES! YES! This works.
Thank you!
Never seen anyone get so excited. ;)
Your quite welcome. Have a good one.
I have been working on this with great frustration for a few days, and finally decided to turn to the experts! Why didn't I do this days ago?