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Multi-select and multi-file upload for web page (ASP)

I'm trying to do a multi-select multi-file upload for my web site for images. Right now, I have an aspect where I can select one file at a time. Then perform an upload. But that can be time consuming having to select one file at a time, rather than a multi-select.

I've seen this question around but I have yet to come across any freeware solutions.

I know one can do the Input with type in File. But that does not allow for multi-select in a file browser.

Did I miss something somewhere? How can this be done? The files are local on the client and will get uploaded to the server. I'm open to a C# or VB.NET that I can use as a code behind, if needed. Or I can do a .ascx and use a javascript in a form or something.

Maybe just a multi-select on a browswer and I can do the mulli-file upload like I have.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Anybody have any information on this?
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