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compare Jar and JNLP

hello there,

i have a erp system developed using java swing+hibernate+mssql server 2005+ msserver 2003.
the users use RDP to connect to the server and on the desktop they have the jar file which they click to run the application.
Ii want to know which solution is better i.e. let them use this jar method or use JNLP. since the application is still is production i need to frequently update the jar file.but the other jar files which i have used for e.g. jasper,text,..do not change becasue they are third party.only my application's jar changes.i want to know everytime the client wants to update the application does all the jar get downloaded or only my apn jar is downloaded on the client machine.
please help me to understand these.

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Mick Barry

8/22/2022 - Mon
Mick Barry

use jnlp, only updated jars get downloaded (assuming you keep them all separate.)
ie. don't go building one monolithoic jar


thanks objects.
which is more efficient for users to use via RDP.clcik on bat file or jnlp file.

is it possible to give the remote users all the jar files on cd to copy on their local machine and then via RDP and jnlp only update the application jar file.the reason i am saying this is some remote users connect via RDP with dialup modem and it can be time consuming. all the 3rd party jar i am using is around 20 MB and the application jar is around 2.7MB. so in all around 22.7MB
Mick Barry

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