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How would i decide whether or not to use a print cluster versus standard print server?

I've been tasked with setting up a print server for users in a remote location. The client requested a quote for a print cluster. Currently there are about 100 users who'll be utilizing 20 printers. Eventually printers will increase to 40. I'm thinking a print cluster would be overkill but I thought I'd put the question out there because this is not a normal task that I do everyday. Also important, how much disk space would be ideal and would you recommend it be on a SAN or local?  Thanks very much.
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A clustered printer server would required shared storage and unless the printers are split among the nodes to utilize the hardware, the only benefit I see is hardware redundancy.
Are the print drivers cluster aware?

I would think a stand alone printer would be best.

I understand I'd need shared space in a print cluster, that wasn't my question. maybe i didn't ask clearly, hoping to find a good source for hardware sizing per se for setting up a print server - the line one would draw whether to use a print cluster or just keep the print server on one box (all the sponsors of this project want to know the technical reasoning);

And specifically if you were quoting a new box for this situation, what specs would you go with, ie, memory disk space for the 100 users I mention when I asked earlier.  

Thanks very much


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I was hoping for some hard numbers based on something recent somebody might have gone through - the document is pretty old that was suggested to me as reference. It'll have to do
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We use a DL380-G3 server with 2 3.2 GHz cpu's, 1 GB of RAM and mirrored 36 GB drives configured as a C: & D: the D: has the spool drive with a size of 26 GB.  This server hosts 470 print queues.

Does that help?


absolutely, it does speak very clearly your build, thanks. I apologize for my tone earlier, the doc you suggested I download I already looked at - this answer adds much more.  

thanks again.