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sync'd with time server, still have the wrong time

From what I glean using w32tm /monitor and net time:

The time on our Windows 2000 domain controller (PDC) is syncing properly and with no appreciable delays with the external time server (, and my local machine (XP SP-3) is sync'd with the DC via ICMP with no delay.

But it seems our network is a persistent minute behind the rest of the East Coast.

UDP 123 is not blocked.

What can I do?
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We had some similar issues long back and I remember pretty well that instead of banging heads at our DC, just let our core switch take over the role and let rest of our pc's/servers/devices sync from it. It's not a solution, I agree,  but it worked that time..........

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Rory Clerkin
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We had a similiar problem, to fix i installed and run SymmTime on the server

All workstations sync their time with the server at logon via net time \\servername /set /yes