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Renew IP Address

I have a router which has a network cable that links into a hub, where several PC's are hooked into.

Everything has been working fine until yesterday, now only 2 PC's can access the Internet, the rest cannot.

When I tried renewing the IP Address on all machines, on 2 of the PC's IP address is (these are the machines that can access the INTERNET etc), the other machine show as

I also tried using the flush dns, rebooting the hub but nothing seems to work.

I tried setting the IP Address manually,, subnet and Default Gateway, but while they can see the other PC's cannot access the Internet.

Am I right in saying the machines with are not been renewed, the are also on a different subnet to the other PC's.

Any ideas - I'm completely stumped?
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Hello Sanjshah,

The problem is, that your ip addresses are not being renewed because your DHCP server is not giving the computers an IP address.

You can manually configure your IP addresses or login to your router to check your DHCP settings and check if your DHCP server is running.

If you want to manually configure your IP address, make sure the ip addresses are exactly in the same range as your router ip address.
The router ip address is also the ip address of the standard gateway.
The same way for your DNS server. you can type the ip address of your router here also.

I hope this helps.
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Is your internet router up and running?
I agree --  you should manually add an ip address to your local area connection, along with dns.  I have had some problems with Dell laptops where only after adding a static IP, rebooting, then reverting back to DHCP cleared the issue.
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Thanks for your reply, looking at the router:

Router/Gateway Address:
Subnet Mask:

Range - -
Allocated 16
Reminaing 174
Timeout 1440

Broadband IP Network
IP Addressing Obtain IP Address autoatically (dynamic or DHCP)
DNS Obatin DNS information automatically

Disable Routing
Enabled (Default is enabled. Routing disabled = Bridge mode)

SO this looks like I have done everything right?
Yes 2 of the PC's can access the Internet (albeit very slow and sometimes does not work)
Yes that looks good --- give your PC an IP address of (or any # between 64 - 254);
                                                               gateway and primary DNS:

Let us know if this lets you connect.  If so, you can either keep this IP, or reboot, swich back to DHCP and you should be out of the woods.
Can you ping your DHCP server from one of the working devices?
Magic, I tried with
IP address of
gateway and primary DNS:

but no internet just access to the other PC's

where you have gateway and primary DNS:

I added the Deafult Gateway as,
should I also add as a Preferred DNS Server?

I've also found this list for Static Route List - (not sure what this means)

Subnet IP            Subnet Mask            Gateway IP             Interface                lo0        bridge0        bridge4                ppp0        bridge0:2        bridge3                ppp0                bridge0        bridge0:2        bridge4                bridge0        bridge3                lo0                ppp0

rochey - how do I ping the DHCP server?
Your DHCP server is the IP address of your router, in your case  Have you tried your cable in any other ports on your hub?

Go to one of the two PCs that still have a DHCP address and do

ipconfig /all

look for the DHCP server address

then use

the ping command

ping <address of DHCP server>

I've tried the cable from the PC that works but still no internet, tried different ports on the hub still nothing.

Rochey - is the DHCP I'll try the ping.
You mentioned you have rebooted your hub -- have you also rebooted your router as well?

The router is not ours and positioned in another companies office so I am unable to do so, although I had a visual look at the router - the other company does not seem to have a problem.
See if you can ping
Is there any chance the two PCs that can connect were left on in your office overnight, and the machines that cannot connect were booted this morning?
yes that is possible - in fact I remember they said they had access this morning, but the others probably did not boot-up at that point.

I will ping tomorrow when I am back in the office, I just want to go in with all the options to try and test.

I will also take with me a new hub (just in case)
Good luck
What options do I have if I am unable to ping
I would say there is a (temporary) problem with the router.  One PC not connecting, most likely local.  2 PCs not connecting simultaneously, I would say it is a hardware error.  Is there any way you could reboot the router eaither first thing or at the end of your work day?
Check the router and any switches between it and your PCs.
I will try and reboot first thing in the morning - so should not bother too many people - I hope this does the trick.

If these suggestions don't work, Try running a anti-virus scan and Spybot (or another anti-malware) scan. I've had them cutoff internet connection.

I didn't see where you mentioned what your DNS servers were set to (when you configured statically).  You can try pinging (or some other known "pingable" public IP) to see if it is DNS resolution.  If you get a response, the your DNS is not working.

Try setting static DNS  to something like &  (Qwest-US DNS servers) and see if that gets you on-line.  
You could also check your `hosts' file (for XP = c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) to Hosts.old - or something like that - and see if that works.
Thanks guys for your input, I tried rebooting the router - no luck, then because of a power cut (lucky for me) the other company had to reboot their server and BANG everything working again.

Just for future why should that work, does this server create the IPA addresses?

Their server is probably handling your DHCP and possibly DNS also.
Is there no way to bypass this (just for the future)
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Yep that sounds like good idea, I've requested our own line but wanted to know incase this happens again.

Thanks again to you and all the other replies