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Crystal Report error when trying to connect to Oracle DB from VS2005 web application

We have moved our VS2005 web app to production and am now getting an error when trying to run Crystal Reports agains the Oracle database.  Works fine in test(of course)... moved to Production and get "Failed to load database information. Error in File C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\fftc_fdid{AAA6F-95A-C2DA-43E2-BE0E-DEEFA4203BA].RPT Failed to load database information

Any suggestion where to look for the problem?  We initally thought in might be tied to write permissions on the windows temp directory, but they seem fine.


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Mike McCracken

Sounds like the database is in a different place in ptoduction than dev.

Are you changing the database location in code?

there are potentially four merge modules that need to be included in a setup projcect to deploy reports.





This if of course you are using crystal report 9 or up.

You need to add a setup.msi and include the modules. Once done you need to execute the Setup.Msi on the production server. this will install the crystal report modules you are missing.

Somthing like that rather, this should get you started.
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Glad everything worked out for you.