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Why is my Roaming profiles share location size on disk high

I have roaming profiles stored on a windows 2000 server share. Size is about 800MB, but the size on disk is about 1.5GB. My cluster size is default 4k, so I can't fiigure out why I have such a high size on disk. Is there a way to figure out the reason why size on disk is about twice the actual size of the data, even though my cluster size is only 4k?
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Volume has to be recreated to change cluster size. 4k is default for 2GB or larger ntfs volumes on 2k3. What I can't figure out is 4k cluster size on XP, looking at documents and settings on any of my PC's shows size on disk very close to same as actual size. There is some reason why the roaming profiles are taking up more disk than they should. Common sense says there must be tons of 1k files, but I can't find them. I have the advanced setting on IE set for all profiles to delete temp internet files on exit. It's still a mystery.
volume is 4k cluster size
Size = 882 MB
Size on disk = 1.6GB
I searched in the profiles root for files at most 3k, and found 229,638 files which include folders.
I searched in the profiles root for files at most 4k, and found 463,163, which include folders. 463,163 x 4k = 452MB (should be only 1 cluster per each of these files)
5k files = 3,412
Cookies and shortcuts are the problem here. I need a GPO that can set cookies expiration to a month or so or something.
Simple answer, easy 500 points. Could have added links or explained more thoroughly. No mystery here. Too many files 2k or less, mostly cookies.