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UK DVD-R not working in US


This has really confused me and cost me a lot of money.

I took on a job to duplicate a DVD with REGION 0 in the UK. I produced what I thought an exact replica of two DVD's all playing in a UK DVD player and playing in a US DVD player without any issues. At least I have been told by my client that the original DVD is playing without issues in the US as well but I can't confirm that my self.

So this is what I have done using a MICROBOARDS CX-1 duplicatior:
1. Made a one off copy and tested which worked fine
2. Ran a batch of 300 on the DVD duplicator along with printed a label
3. Tested randomly on my PC DVD player
4. Tested randomly on my DVD player at home (UK bought)

I delivered this to my client with a DVD cover and DVD boxes which he took with him to the US - now he claims none of them are playing in the US DVD players and comes up with "DISC ERROR"

The DVD's being used are TAIYO YUDEN DVD-R16X so they are top range as well.

I ran three different originals, one which I created my self from a studio recording. My client claim no copy is working. The latest one I did myself I had to give him in PAL not NTSC so I did tell him they will not work, hence only made 10 of that original.

So I'm very confused and obviously my client lost a lot of confindende in me having carried almost 100kg over the Atlantic........

Does anyone have any theory on what is wrong ?

Many thanks.

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8/22/2022 - Mon

It could be the dvd player needing a firmware update. Are the DVD using a copy protection?
What happens if you change your Country code to US the burn a copy and send to him?
Did the client change the dvd player to play UK DVD?


Hi ComputerTechie,

I'm using a CD/DVD duplicator "MICROBOARDS CX-1" and the disc copies work fine in UK DVD's so and copy protection issue is ruled out ?

Can the country code on the PC have anything to do with the final DVD when making a direct copy ?

I didn't know there was any way of telling your DVD what country the DVD is from, isn't this what the region codes are there for ? This DVD is region 0 so will play in any DVD.

The original still works in both UK and US DVD's ... the copies only work in UK DVD's .


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Still not sure this is the issue, we are sending 10 test DVD's to the US for trial and weill revert back.
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