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Need a file upload/download/ftp solution for small business server network

I have a company that wants to setup an ftp site on their network to allow other companies to download and upload files to/from their network. I have heard that a simple ftp site is not secure in SBS. Someone mentioned setting up a secure ssl website off of the sbs server using a separate static ip address with login authentication. Can someone give me some direction/options on what I should setup? I don't want to leave a security risk, but I want it to be as simple and straightforward as possible. I would also like to know if i am getting the wrong information about straight ftp in sbs-maybe it is fine and I am being too cautios...I also don't want to setup another server, but want to utilize their existing sbs 2003 server and network.
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Well you can setup a linux box to do your FTP hosting.  That is one of the most secure setups.
I  would recommend using something like redhat, or suse.

check out this site and its a pretty good list of good software to use.
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THanks for the option, but I am not failiar with Linux and they do not want to invest in anymore hardware. I want to utilize the sbs server...
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im sorry CrushFTP Server is not a free service anymore. but it is something that i have used and liked in the past.
I just looked at the FIlezilla server. This may sound like a stupid question, but if I setup the Filezilla server software on my server, does the other party need to use the filezilla client software to upload or download or will any FTP client software do?
Also, what is your experience in regards to any issues with firewalls, etc doe it work without a hitch?
one other question, does the filezilla server software automatically create the network directory where the files are stored? or can you adjust that?
no they can connect to it from any FTP software.
I have used this will many firewalls. and i would never recommend not using a firewall. just make sure that you have port 21 open and pointing to the FTP server.. also if you are going to use SSL makes sure port 443 is also open and pointing to the SSL server.

And the software is fully custom. so if you want to make the root of the FTP server in "D:\customerfiles\FTProot" you can. and then you can also setup special access. so when a user logs on you can tell the FTP server to only allow that user to see only one folder and so on.
Are there any security concerns I need to be aware of- or is this safe with the settings that Filezilla gives you?
I will be attempting an install/configuration of filezilla on the sbs2003 server this weekend. I am leaving this question open until I have ran the install. thanks
Filezilla server worked great, once I got the router ports figured out it was a piece of cake , Thanks!!