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Microsoft Exchange - Automatically download attachments

Dear Sirs,

I would like to ask for some help regarding Microsoft Outlook 2007/Exchange and downloading attachments automatically from one particular mail box.

As for today this mail box recieve e-mails with files on a hourly or daily basis, and we have to manually download them to the correct file server location.

I already have a macro in Outlook doing parts of this for me, but I would like to have a service or scheduled task to do this instantly or for instance 9.00 AM every day. My macro does not check the senders address. It just downloads the attachment to a predefined location. I have attached my macro that I found on some site.

I hope to find a solution where we don't need to start Microsoft Outlook to run this, but something that download the attachments from the mail box to a file server location based on the sender of the e-mail.

For instance you have the following folder structure:

- \CompanyA
- \CompanyB

When we recieve an e-mail from the attachment will be downloaded from the exchange server to X:\CompanyA. Either instantly or by schedule once a day. And when we recieve e-mails from CompanyB it will be sent to X:\CompanyB. When this is done the e-mails should be moved to a folder in Outlook called Done/Finished/Completed, etc.

Please give me some directions, hint, code snippets, etc. I would have a solution where we are able to make changes to the code and/or options.
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what version of exchange are you running? if you have exchange 2007 you can create a web service to perform these tasks
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We have Exchange 2007, do you have some more information about this?
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