Network printer error in Excel 2007


I have a workstation that is running Office 2007 under Windows XP Pro. Whenever the user enters Excel and tries to print to the network printer (an HP 4000N) an error occurs with the following text.

"Your file could not be printed due to an error on 'printer name here' on Ne03. There are several possible reasons:

-There may not be enough memory...
-If you use network printing, there may be a network connection problem...
-There may be loose cables or a bad connection..."

Worth noting is that a test page prints fine. Printing in other office apps is fine. Printing different excel documents sometimes produces the above error, and sometimes it works.

I have tried removing the print drivers through the drivers tab server properties on the work station. Along with removing the files in the sys32\spools\drivers folder. However after re adding the printer, the problem is still there.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of this error?
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Hello bnrtech

I don't know if the advice to install the service pack worked for you, If not it may be a case of changing the driver. If you are using the PCL driver try the Postscript, or see if there is a later version.

Over the years I have found compatibilty issues between Excel and various printers.
Hello bnrtech,

Apply the latest service pack for office suite 2007 :

bnrtechAuthor Commented:
Thanks midlife, switching the PCL driver worked.
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