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VM Server Guest really high CPU constant P2V Server 2003 TS

We have a windows server 2008 64bit OS with 2 dual core procs and 12gb's ram running 3 vms
2 are windows server 2003 (1 was created from scratch, the other was a P2V) and a windows xp pro box.

The VM that we P2V'd is suffering badly from really high cpu usage. It is configured to use 1 cpu, 4gbs of RAM and also has VMTools installed. We originally had this on a different host that was also configured as a file server and was hosting 300+GB of data to the network. Thinking this was a disc I/O issue i moved the VM to a different host with no Host functions (the specs above)

problem is ever since the P2V the CPU usage has been 95+ % all the time while users are logged in to it. (5-8 on any given day) at night its fine. The programs run on it are basic apps such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, a VNC tool for supporting our end users, and a few programming compilers nothing too heavy.

Even opening windows explorer causes a spike to 60%

Can anyone help me, my employees are about ready to lynch me, and worst part is i walked into this mess, just started here.

Thanks in advance
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Did you clean up all of the vendor specific tools that were installed on the server prior to the p2v.  For example if it's a HP server you need to remove insight manager.  HP specific device drivers etc.  Also make sure that any serial devices are removed.  
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There are no vendor tools i can find. And i don't see any serial devices in the device manager. The only really odd thing i see in the device manager is 33 PCI standard PCI to PCI Bridge's
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Im pretty sure it was a single core pc running it on the physical, small chance it was dual core.....i guess i didn't do the conversion. The VM is configured through VM Server for 1 cpu. would changing this to 2 hurt anything or make it worse?

semi-new the the vm world :)
Had to recreate from scratch