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What is causing this script error?

I have a user that is getting this error when they change their selection from account to contact in microsoft crm when they click set regarding.
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Unfortunately this error is in the javascript code on the page and you therefore cannot actually fix it unless you are the developer.

To turn off the error notification you can do:

Tools->Internet Options&->Advanced->Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)
Is this issue happening in outlook client or IE browser?
you could enable the debug in onchange event of that particular field, looks like some data is causing the issue or may be some script in the field.
add the word debugger at the top of the event script and enable debugging in the browser. To check where its giving issue.
You could also try checking if the user is facing this issue for a specific data or everytime there is a change. Does the user have read/ append/ append To permission for account / contacts to chose in the regarding field, change privilege level and see if it solves the issue?

Let me know how u go.
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Technically it happens in IE but the user gets to the IE screen from within Outlook. It only happens when the users changes the field from account to contact.
Is it your code? Did you develop it?

If not there is really nothing you can do. It is the responsibility of the developer to resolve.
Have you checked the user permission levels and his security role? i guess its something to do with some incorrect javascript attached or not enough permission to change account to contact.
The user has the security role required. It has been working for almost a year. I did not develop it.
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