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How do you setup a Blackberry to view contacts from the COMPANY wide names.nsf file on lotus notes?

How can I get my Blackberry to use the corporate names.nsf   We are running a Blackberry Professional Server for Lotus Notes.  We have only about 15 users on it.   Can users search through the corporate address book when sending messages to contacts? If so how?
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What is the version of BES server you are running? Enterprise version does it out of the box and don't see anything that would say that professional does not have this capability
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Yes, users have to lookup the corporate address book from the handheld, just like lookup addresses in Notes client. For example, search Peter, then all Peter in names.nsf will be displayed for you to select. But it only display limited addresses at a time, if there are many Peter, you have to select "next match" for next page. In addition, users can copy the those addresses to their personnel addressbook by the handheld.
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That is not working. If I type a name in it can't find anything. These other ideas that are posted seem to be using my personal names.nsf and not the corporate server-based address book.
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All have this problem and since this is BES professional it is on the same box as the domino server.  We will separate when and if we get to 30 users.  Any Idea what IT policy I should be looking at?

Looking at my Global Properties I have

Global PIM Sync
    Address Book
        Sync Enabled  True
        Sync Type         Bidirectional
        Conflict Res     Server wins

IT policies appear to be empty.
Anyone able to shed any light on IT Policies?  I don't really see any defined, but I have the problem mentioned above plus on my blackberry (just got one) I get vvmail_9630 has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not permitted by your IT Policy.  
This happens when trying to access Visual Voicemail.
I still haven't figured out how to read names.nsf (Corporaet directory) but I did figure out IT policies.
I would check with RIM that it is supported with professional version. Most likely it is only available with enterprise version, along with attachment viewing.I went through documentation and version comparision and could not find definite answer.
It may be working now and I am not 100% sure of the casue .. perhaps I didn't have an IT polict setup correct adnn despite an attempt at changes I didn't at the time know how to confirm the IT policy update took place.  I will tray and keep an eye on the next ones I hnd out.  Thank you to those who offered help and advice.