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Windows 2000 Scheduled Tasks Fail After Reboot

This is a recent problem on a server that has been in service reliably for 6 years.  More than 12 months ago it was virtualized (P2V) onto the Hyper-V platform and remained reliable.

About 2 months ago we started having problems with Scheduled Tasks not running, and failing with the familiar error "0x8007052e: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password" shown in the task scheduler log.

This ONLY occurs after a reboot, and we must re-enter the password of the user account under which the tasks run.  Then it is fine until the next reboot.

I have seen MS KB which refers to a hotfix, but the version of mstask.dll shown in the hotfix is 4.71.2195.6940 and ours is newer, 4.71.2195.6972.

Previously I also tried deleting the sa.dat file and recreating the scheduled tasks (per another MS KB) but that didn't help either.

There have been no changes to the system config, no new software, nothing, except for monthly Windows Updates.

After browsing the MS KB and a lot of googling, I'm stumped.  Anyone have a clue where else to look, or what the problem might be?
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You might try to switch it to some other user to run that task, it could have dropped a saved password.  If it works under this second test user, switch back to the original user and attempt to run under these credentials.

If it isn't this, the stored password for the task may not actually match the current password of that user, so this is something to check as well.
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I tried the "different user" approach last month.  I created an admin-level account for that purpose.  That has not helped-- I have to re-enter the password into every job, after every reboot.

I know for sure the password is correct, because once I go through all tasks and re-enter the password, all the jobs run properly, until the next reboot.   Some of these jobs run every hour, and we notice very quickly when they fail to run.

Bottom line is, whenever the system is rebooted, the password stored in each scheduled task is lost or corrupted.
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