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Mac Cisco VPN Linksys wireless router breaks connection

I have a user who recently converted from a PC to a Mac.  When they are on their home wireless network and try to connect to the office using the CISCO VPN client on the mac it breaks or "terminates" their wireless connection.  If they go back in and close the VPN client the wireless immediately reconnects.  Not sure on the model number they are using a Linksys Wireless router at home to connect.  From what I understand the CISCO VPN client would connect fine on their PC.

I do the same from my home wireless network with no problems so I am wondering if there is known issues using a Mac on a Linksys wireless network.
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After doing a little digging I see others had a similar issue because the local network is the same as the remote network (192.168.1.x).  I am not sure what their local network is but why would it only be a problem for the Mac and not the PC?
What version of Mac OS are you running and what version of the VPN client is it?
Running  Leapord (OS X).  The VPN client is  I have the upgrade to Snow Leapord just haven't run it yet.  I am aware SL has the ability to connect to CISCO VPN built in but not for UPD only TCP and we run UDP.
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I will give that a try on Monday when the individual is back in the office.  I have ready with some routers that if the local network is the same as the vpn network it can cause a conflict.  It works fine via Verizon Wireless.  It is just that one location and the occasional hotel he stays at.

BTY...thanks for the help.
No problem, but having duplicate network ID's would cause routing issues, I don't see how it would disable the entire interface...   Post back with results..  Thanks.
Looks like my suggestion worked for him according to his thank you post.