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How do I add a third independent monitor to optiplex 745

Currently using optiplex 745 with a pci video card that has two conns for independent monitors. I am using both conns for two independent monitors succesfully. I would like to add a third monitor and realize I have to add an additional pci card. What pci card is compatible with the optiplex 745 to accomplish this.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

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Which case form factor do you have? for SFF or USFF you'll need the low profile (half height) version but any PCI-E graphics card that doesn't need external power will do.
Assuming you aren't running any hugely graphics intensive apps then stay low budget (and I'd certainly not pay the prices on that Dell site!)

>any PCI-E graphics card

Definitely not.  You need to check the power requirements first.  Putting a 150-180+Watt video card may not be possible.

Ultra-small form factor PSU is 220W with 80% efficiency.   The mini-tower is 305W@76%.

Things get hot really quick.

ATI Radeon X1800 XT consumes ~110W
ATI Radeon X1800 XL consumes ~60W
ATI Radeon X1300 Pro consumes ~30W

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Walt Forbes
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>>any PCI-E graphics card that doesn't need external power  
Both the x1800's do so they're not on the shopping list :)

Sorry, I didn't see the any dangly parts in the picture.  >:O

ATI doesn't list power requirements in their product overview pages.  You'd think that would be helpful.  It's all pretty pictures and tiny type.

Oops, I made an error in my question!
I should have stated that I am currently using a PCI-E card to run two existing monitors, not a PCI cd.
What I need to do is add an additional PCI card to the optiplex 745 to run an independent 3rd monitor.

My error, sorry and thanks for your help.
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Interesting, however the card you recommended has one DVI output that I presume will provide the same output to two monitors via a dongle, rather than two separate signals to each monitor. I guess a card with two output conn's would do the trick. My intent is to have three monitors with three separate signals.
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If you have a full size case you can get a card with both VGA and DVI outputs (or even dual DVI).  You use a splitter cable with the low profile card to output DVI and independent VGA signals.  Low profiles typically have DVI and s-video but are beginning to appear with HDMI