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incremental data import

Greetings all,

I have a table called tblFiling.

Initially, we were sent a huge .txt file which we successfully imported into our 2005 SQL Server database.

The problem we have now is that after that initial huge import, we get daily downloads of .txt files.

Our responsibility is to add this daily imports to the tblFiling table.

I was wondering if I could get some useful pointers on how to accomplish this.

Basically, we want to set up a process where we extract contents of the .txt file that is downloaded to our directory on daily basis and add to data that already exists on the tblFiling tabl. infact a manual process will suffice.

I just need help from anyone who has done something similar.

A sample script will be very hepful and truly appreciated.

Thanks a lot
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Try this tool which has options matching your requirements and very user friendly
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Thanks all for your assistance especially you rrjegan17 for helping me discover the use of SSIS.

What I really need help on though is how to add to *existing* data.

I have already created this table with several fieldnames and I have already done the initial import of data from flat file to this table.

The table's name is always going to be the same. The flat file's name is always going to be the same and the fieldnames are always going to be the same.

The only thing that changes daily is the data that needs to be extracted from the flat file on a daily basis and appended to existing data on the table.

I just don't know how to add this new data without wiping out existing data.

I am sorry if I wasn't clear about my needs and once again, many thanks for your assistance.

I have perused the BI and features and I don't see where it gives you the option of appending to existing data. It probably has it but I can't find it.
>> I just don't know how to add this new data without wiping out existing data.

Just Include Execute T-SQL Task to achieve your objective.