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how can I find out which hard drive my computer has. sata, sata2, ide

using windows vista os
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1. You can open the machine and look at the drive.

2. You can look at the Bios post when you first turn on the machine in some cases.

3. You can use system info software like:

Also, PATA drives have a very wide cable.  SATA drived use a very small connector SATA cables are usually Red, Blue, or Black.

Good luck.
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everest home edition says my laptop is ata drive

would another ata drive work with my computer
Yes, that mease that you have an older PATA drive.

I am guesing your machine is 4 years or older?
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Here are some pics to help you see what type of drive you have.
All of the pictures show a an IDE PATA drive except for the last one.  Sata.jpg is a SATA drive.
Hence the names of the pic and the comment on each pic.
Didn't look closely and thought it was an author post
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>>  would another ata drive work with my computer   <<   yes, BUT... :
if your laptop is ann older one, the bios can have limitations for the disk size, eg the 48-bit LBA option; this is necessary for recognising disk sizes over 128 GB.

So - tell us : what is the old disk size ?   and what size do you want to install ?   and what model of PC do you have ?

in short :
-if your old disk is bigger than 128 Gb, you can use all sizes
-if you use the same disk size, or up to 120 Gb, it should be ok
-if the old disk is smaller than 128, and you want one over 128 Gb, you need to check first !
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this is an ata drive
is it a sata or pata drive
ATA normally means PATA.  The term ATA comes from before there was SATA and PATA and at that point all drives where PATA or SCSI.

Pretty Safe bet the driove is a PATA.  You have pictures above, so if yoy look you will know for sure.

As far as Bios limitations are concerned, get whatever drive is in the correct price range.  Sometimes a 500 GB  is less costly than a 40GB depending on supply and demand.  If the bios can only handle 128 GB, the drive regardless of its size will only come up as 128GB.
ata interface :
sata interface :

to be sure, post the disk model, then we can exactly tell you what it is !