Ask for advice for Postgres DB Management Tool

I am looking for database management tool for postgresql.
"Must have" function is good database schema comparison tool.
I found - SQL Query Tool, it seems to have such features.
Has anybody expirience with this tool or can recommend better one?
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pgadmin3 ?
VidiomAuthor Commented:
pgadmin3 can generate script for database synchronization?
You can save schema or all database to file, edit with notepad++ and compare with windiff.

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VidiomAuthor Commented:
I decided to use backup in pgadmin (with options plain and schema only) and then use free apgdiff (Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool) to generate incremental script.
I can share the solution :)

Project site: 
The difference to manual comparison of plain backups is than backups have only create scripts for table. In real life there are many enhancements of existing tables, so you have to modify scripts and prepare alter table from create table. Apgdiff tool automatically creates such alters.
Example of use:
java -jar apgdiff-1.3.jar --ignore-start-with old_schema.sql new_schema.sql > apgdiff_result.sql

If someone would decide to use it I recommend using option --ignore-start-with to not change current sequence values.
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