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Best way to back-up on a mac


What is the best way to back up my data that I have on my mac computer just in case something would happen? I dont' ever want to lose my files or pics, etc...
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Alan Henderson

8/22/2022 - Mon

Apple's own Timemachine solution is quite good, find a compatibel NAS or USB external Hard drive, and click the time machine icon in the top launch bar, it guides you through a wizard for backing up your files.

Hope this helps,


Please bare with me. This does sound like it will work great. Now when you mean a compatible NAS or USB external Hard drive, what do you mean? Time machine icon????
Alan Henderson

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Alan Henderson

I should add:

With Evernote and DropBox your stored data are automatically sychronized between your Mac and Windows computers and the cloud (online storage). So you can install them on multiple machines and have access to your updated files on all of them.

For instance, I have Evernote and DropBox installed on two Macs and one Windows machine, I can access the same data on all of them and as long as the machines are online they're automatically updated.

You can also access your files online from ANY computer - Mac, Windows, Linux or what-have-you - with an Internet connection.

Apple's MobileMe service is similar but I've found it to be a bit flaky and it's more expensive than the alternatives. It's very good if you wish to synchronize your Mail, Contacts, iCal and Address Book between Macs.
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William Peck

Thank you so much. I had no idea of all the different options on backing up files for a mac and I agree, this question was definately worth more points. I just wish I was better at this technology and knowing what should be scored higher! You certainly deserve it! Your answered were fantastic. Thank you again.
Alan Henderson

Your comments are appreciated ddezines.

For future reference:
If you wish to change the points allotted before you close a question you can easily do so. For those who are Premium members or Qualified Experts there is no limitation on the number of points available to you, so I almost invariably allot 500 points to my own questions - it often gets the attention of more people and usually it gets a quicker response.

Another thing to help you. If a posted comment includes stuff you don't understand, Google is your friend. It's often quicker to find things for yourself than to wait for a response from the poster who may be in a different time zone to you and be unavailable.

For instance, if you wish to find a definition of something like NAS, in Google type in the format below:
define:time machine
and Google will come up with a number of definitions. Note that there are no gaps between the words and the colons. If you include gaps you get different results.

Hope this helps.


Alan Henderson

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Alan Henderson

Correction: DropBox provides 2GB of free storage. Not 20GB as I said above.