Error 0x80090019 with corrupted registry hive


My computer restart in loop with the following error:

C0000218 Registry file failure, Windows cannot load the hive file

So, I boot from a BartPE CD and ran a chkdsk /R into my c: drive. It found about 5936KB of bad sectors and corrected them.

I reboot my system and now I'm able to reach the log in screen. I type my creds .. and it told me this:

"A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer.   error code: 0x80090019"

My windows is totally legit.

Thank you
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Rob HutchinsonTech Lead, Desktop SupportCommented:
I'd guess your hard drive is going bad.
It's pretty rare to see the newer hard drives have bad sectors, and I guess that your hard drive is having problems.

Might be a good idea to replace it before you cannot access it at all.

Is the drive an old hard drive?

Rob HutchinsonTech Lead, Desktop SupportCommented:
Also, you might want to hook it up as a slave to back it up, or use a USB drive cable to hook it up to anther computer.

After backing up your data, try running diagnostics on it.
tblincAuthor Commented:
Well, the drive is pratically new (it's a new HP computer.. about 1year) and I know that I must replace the drive. Before that I must be able to gain access to my computer. I need to make a ghost because my office 2007 licence is installed but I don't have any CD + lic. key.

I know that this issue can be corrected, but I don't know how. I see a lot of thread on the internet but bothing successfull.

Can you help me with this particular issue thank you
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Also, maybe check here:
tblincAuthor Commented:
As I said in my fist post, I'm now able to reach my log on screen. The registry hives was corrupted by bad sectors and I ran a chkdsk /R and It repairs them successfully. Now my issue is that I cannot log in my system because of that error :

"A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer.   error code: 0x80090019"

I can only log in safe mode without network.
Windows XP has System Restore.  Run a few more chkdsk /r as you can sometimes keep finding errors.  Then (in safe mode) go to start/run/msconfig

Launch System Restore
From there you should be able to initiate System Restore by choosing a date to go back to.

I would think of going a week before you had any problem at all.

Once that is complete run a few more chkdsks.

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tblincAuthor Commented:
Good Idea.. i'll try the Sys restore right now.
Any luck?
tblincAuthor Commented:
thanks , it worked like a charm.
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