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Veritas Backup Exec 10 - Despite Manual Uninstall Serial No Remains on System

Our Dell PE1600 recently crashed and had to have Windows Server 2003 re-installed.  All data was recovered from backup tape/disk.  Prior to the crash we were running Backup Exec 10 which backed up to disk on a seperate server.

After the rebuild BE10 wouldn't work properly (just wouldn't start) and it wasn't possible to remove it using Add/Remove.  Did a manual un-install as per Symantec 250510 instructions, re-booted and went to re-install. Strangely, the serial number from the original pre-crash install was already in place as were the Admin account user details.  Obviously these weren't removed during the manual uninstall. I continued with the install but it failed saying it couldn't install the MSDE engine.

To be on the safe side I followed the recommendation from Symantec at this point to rebuild the Performance Counter Library values - just in case that was the cause of the trouble.  It wasn't. Another couple of sessions of install - fail - manual uninstall - re-install - fail all produced the original result.

So, my question is - where are these previous details stored?  I've combed the registry for all Veritas entries and also searched for any other files which might contain these details.

As ever with Veritas problems, this one's driving me nuts.
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Thanks for this.  I've had a look at the documentation and will install it when I get access to this busy sever again.

In the meantime, I would still like to remove all traces of the previous BE installation before I go ahead with the MSDE install.  Could you tell me where the serial number and administrator details from the original installation are installed on the server?

Many thanks.

I have now spent a week trying to reinstall some sort of SQL solution on the server.  I followed the steps above and the installation failed and I have also tried other solutions linked to the Symantec website.  I have now officially given up trying to reinstall either SQL or Backup Exec - both suck big time and I have better things to do with my life than waste any more of it on either of these abominations.

Backup of my server will now be handled from another server using a BE agent.  Next year all our servers will be virtualised and I'll be waving a less than fond farewell to all the instances of Veritas/Symantec I inherited safe in the knowledge that no products even remotely associated with either form of the company will ever cross the threshold of this company again.

The solution failed due I suspect to some deep rooted flaw in my server rather than a problem with the solution itself.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.