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External hard drive swapping for backups

I've read several questions about this topic and none seem to address the issue I am having.  

Currently we are backing up to an external hard drive, we have 2 1TB drives and we rotate them on a weekly basis.

First, whenever we swap drives the new one does not take the drive letter we were using, it starts with a new one.  I am using the b: for "backup."  Just thinking about it now, maybe thats the issue being one of those special system drive letters.  So what ends up happening is the backup fails until I go into drive manager and re-assign that drive letter to the new USB drive.  It can't be like this....

Second, we do full backups 5 days a week.  I think this is highly unnecessary but I don't know how to get SBS Backup to do incrementals.  And with 2 drives that could get more confusing unless you did incrementals all week and changed the drive only a monday say....

I'd love to setup an offsite backup solution using some incremental backup software since the data is approx 100 gb being backed up now.  I can take an external drive with a full backup to another site if I could find some software to continue to increment the backup but at the same time not have a million incrementals, would need to generate some full backup files without transferring all the data.

I'm sure this has been considered / solved - Any thoughts?


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O. Pierru

8/22/2022 - Mon
O. Pierru

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