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Don't check out when doing an Execute Task in SSIS

I've got a SSIS package solution (in Visual Studio 2005) which is linked into Visual SourceSafe 6. If I try to execute a task, for some reason it's prompting me to check out the package.
Since I'm not making any changes to the code, I don't wish to check it out.

Is there somehow I can execute a specific task without checking out the package?
Thank you.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

you can't Execute Task in SSIS If Package id Readonly that is not checked out

You can undo checkout when your work over
Or change the Readonly property of package

As I said, the Execute Task is not changing any code (I don't think), so I shouldn't have to check out or set the package to not be read-only.

What is the task that's being executed?  I just tested my package in our SourceSafe server and it doesn't ask me to check it out even with ReadOnly turned on.  Is it maybe a script task that's compiling the code, or a task that's setting a variable?
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My package has 'Execute SQL Task' (some with bypass prepare set to true and others set to false) and 'Data Flow Task' components.
Regardless of which item I select and right click and select "Execute Task" it prompts me to check out the package. If I click cancel on the check out, the task doesn't execute.
Nonetheless, I can execute the whole package (ie, F5 or 'Start Debugging') without being prompted to check out.

In my Visual Studio Editor, under Tools -> Options, I have the following set up under Source Control:
Plug-in Selection: Current source control plug-in set to 'Microsoft Visual SourceSafe'
Environment: Source Control Environment Settings set to 'Custom', and none of the checkboxes on that page are ticked, and in Checked-in item behaviour I have 'Prompt for check out' for both On Save and On Edit.
Plug-in Settings: Plug-in Settings set to 'Custom' and the Perfrom background status updates is checked. If I click on the Advanced button, I get a SourceSafe Options dialog. The 'General' tab has got all the checkboxes unticked, with 'Check in unchanged files' set to 'Undo Check Out', 'Use visual merge' set to 'Only if there are conflicts' and 'Double-click on a file' set to 'Ask'. The Local Files tab has got the following two items checked (everything else is unchecked): 'Use read-only flag for files that are not checked out' and 'Copy keyword-expanded files into working folder', and the 'Compare files by' set to 'Checksum', 'Replace writable files' set to 'Ask' and 'Set date/time on local files' set to 'Current'. The last tab, Integration, has got all checkboxes checked ('History' and 'Diff'), and 'Choose SourceSafe Database' set to 'Prompt'.

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