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Exchange service not available + mail queue critically high

Somethings wrong, horribly wrong.

Exchange server has stopped delivering mail to mailboxes.
OWA says "HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable".
Inetinfo.exe is running at top CPU usage.
110 mails in local SMTP queue.

All MSExchange services are running according to "SolarWinds Exchange Monitor"

Very close to panicking. What can i do? 500p to solve.
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Steve Smith
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Stop the IIS Services, check the SMTP local queue and restart, forcing mail to be sent.

Go into System Manager and into the queue itself to see what is stopping the mail from being delivered - could be a bad mail in the queue

EventLog might hold further details also
Restart IIS.
Check for the mails Queue in the System Manager. Force the SMTP queue to push the mail.
Also check this link for the same
Check for the issue now and let us know
Do a IISReset
Click on start > run > Type IISReset and then click OK
If this does not help then try rebooting the server.
Do you have latest service packs for exchange installed on this server?

restart the server

Exchange 2007 can stop processing mail if the server is using to much memory, cpu, disk and so on
No service will stop, but Exchange will "Stop working"

So if memory or CPU is high...restart the server and try to solve the problem of what is using all the resources

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have restarted IIS, inetinfo keeps maxing out CPU. quite troublesome.

eventlog states that store has reached maximum size of 16GB.
running "win2003SBS with all updates. maximum size of stores set to 75GB in registry as per

looks like Exchange is not checking the registry?!

any ideas?
Double check and make sure you have set the DWORD Value correctly and for both public and private store. Information store service should be restarted after this change.
Did you check the event ID 1216 to verify that the database size has been set successfully.
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Double-Triple checked the registry. Changed it from Dword Decimal 75 to 70.

Remounted the stores.

Event ID 1216 says: "The information store database "First Storage Group\Public Folder Store (SVCTAG-FGP6B4J)" is limited to 16384 MB."

It is definitely not respecting the "Database Size Limit in Gb" value...
So you have set the "Database Size Limit in Gb" value to 75 GB.  DId you restart the IS after change? if yes.. What else values you have under

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeIS\Server name\Public-Public Store GUID

Do you have a "Database Size Buffer in Percentage" value?

Can you paste a screen shot?  (you may hide your organization related information)
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screenshot of registry
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Yes, have SP2 for Exchange. Server is entirely up to date.

Have rebooted several times.

Still getting Event "The information store database "First Storage Group\Public Folder Store (SVCTAG-FGP6B4J)" is limited to 16384 MB."

, although has been followed. Have just deleted the registry keys, rebooted and set them again, rebooted, same message.

what the..???
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mailbox store (priv1.edb) have size 13.5GB !!!

really starting to lose it...
Have you entered the DWORD for private store also?
Only thing you have to enter the DWORD correctly and restart the IS service.

I remember one of my client entered

"Database Size Limit in GB " (added one space to this DWORD value)
Instead of  "Database Size Limit in GB" . After removing the space and restarting IS it was correctly.

Even after entering the correct DWORD value if it is not working then you may have to contact MS support and check what is wrong.
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Have entered values for both public and private stores.

Entered correctly. It's actually "Database Size Limit in Gb" (lowercase byte)

Can you try with "Database Size Limit in GB" and see if it helps? I will test the same in my test server and update you my result.
Both Database Size Limit in GB and Database Size Limit in Gb works for me with out any issue.
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i did not realise that exchange sp2 was not pushed through WU. have updated and everything is back to normal :)

thanks for you help subsun!