Windows Update [Error number: 0x800A0046]

[Error number: 0x800A0046]

  Please change your Internet Explorer security settings
To save changes to your settings for this website, you need to enable userdata persistence for Internet Explorer. Complete the steps below, and then click Change settings to the left and try saving your changes again.
In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
Click the Security tab, click the Internet security zone icon, and then click Custom Level.
In the Settings dialog box, scroll to the Miscellaneous section.
Under Userdata persistence , select Enable.
Click OK and when the security warning dialog box appears, click Yes.
 Read more about steps you can take to resolve this problem (error number 0x800A0046) yourself.  

Userdata Persistance is already select to enable

This is Windows XP SP3 machine running as part of a Small Business Domain,
 All other machines on the network have no trouble updating from Windows Update.

Under services.msc Automatic Updates - Log On  > Log On as Local System Account is enabled

The service is set to Automatic, yet it not started. Pressing start service  , following error pops up:

Eror 0x80004015: The class is configured to run as a security id different from the caller

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Yancey LandrumTechnical Team LeadCommented:
               Check this out:;en-us;883821

You may receive an error message when you search for available updates on the Windows Update Web site or on the Microsoft Update Web site

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Ram BalachandranCommented:
Are you able to browse other websites ?
Ram BalachandranCommented:
Did u tried the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the MS KB;en-us;883821
Anti-MhzAuthor Commented:
im able to browse other sites, but ie seems give me error report on like every other page. not sure if related.
i suspected a virus so I did a virus scan with symantec and trencd micro which came up clean.

but that s a dfiiferent story probably all together.

trying KB"s now
Anti-Mhz--" ie seems give me error report on like every other page"
What do those errors say?
Look into Event Viewer (Start|Administrative Tools|Event Viewer). Click on "System" in the left panel. Do you see RedBall error icon(s) timestamped at the exact time the problem occurred?   If so, click on the RedBall. The first message will have some data on what the problem is, but usually it is not too easy to understand. Click the blue link.  On the next window click the link to send a report to Microsoft.    Another window should open (though it may take some time for the information in the right panel to appear) which may offer some more understandable info and maybe even a solution.

Specific to Windows Update--Open Windows Update|click on Review your Update History" in the left panel.  Some reasons for the failure and good info often can be found.
Error  0x80004015 often is a firewall problem
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