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I own a business where I have a small (3 pcs) peer to peer network.  I have a static IP & am wondering if I can access my office internet connection from home & use that to do my research projects, etc.  My home broadband can get slowed down to a crawl as I live in a large complex & my husband & kids are often gaming, etc.  

Have been wondering if there is a way to program/access my office router & use that connection without having to leave my office pc on all the time.....obviously, I'd be looking for minimal drag on my home broadband.  

My apologies if I haven't worded my question correctly....just thinking it through.  My router is a ParkerVision & is being used wired only although it has wireless capabilities as well.  Thanks for any thoughts.
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If you're mainly interested in connecting to a single machine from the outside, I would just do a port forward in your router for port 3389 (Remote Desktop.)  Then, enable remote desktop on your machine and you'll be able to access this machine via your public IP address.
Also, once you've connected to your main PC, you can then remote desktop to your other 2 PCs if need be.


Hi, I have used remote desktop with my office pc & am comfortable with that. Problem is my office is in an older industrial building that often has electrical problems, blown fuses, etc.  Over the past couple of years, I've had several drives damaged due to this type of thing....even though I have a UPS that is supposedly programmed to shut my pc down when a problem occurs.....So now, I'd rather not leave them on over night or on weekends.

My question here relates to whether I can access my router only & then from my laptop at home go through that router to the internet & have a more stable, fast connection than while mine is bogged down at home.   I realize that I'd be using my home broadband to get to my office router but I'm only interested in using that internet connection not accessing my pcs or data on them.

Sorry I can't be clearer....not sure what terminology would apply.  Thanks for the info though.
MLSMurphy, what you're asking for simply cannot be done.  You are still tethered to your home "bogged down" connection, even if you were to setup a VPN tunnel between your home network and your work's network via the ParkerVision router.  You are only as fast as your slowest connection, aka your home internet service.  There's no other way to circumvent your problem unfortunately.



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