Adding Traffic light image to a report form in Access 2007

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I have a little project in Access 2007 where I have to add a Traffic light image in my Report form. Depending on a certain value in my Sql query the traffic light image changes to either red, orange, yellow or green. The traffic light is only a circle and with color either red, orange, yellow or green.
I've been looking in access 2007 but i don't see a control that will represent a traffic light. It has button, dropdowns, lines, checkboxes and other activex control etc. but not a simple circle.

Any idea how can i create this traffic light image in my report and also code it to change color depending on acertain value?



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Rather then a single control, consider using 3 different image controls each with a different image and making the correct one visible based on the conditions.
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Years ago, I made a command button with a real traffic light image (3 lights, for red, yellow and green).  It is a .bmp image, so you could make two copies of it, and modify each one to have the appropriate light lit, and make one image visible and the others invisible depending on the value of a field (this would be done from the Detail_Format event procedure.  I am attaching the image.


I think what JimD suggested will work for a simple project I have at hand. But the other 2 suggestions are good suggestions for other prjects.


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