Exchange 2003 Tracking Center does not display any messages.

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Good day,

I have enabled the Message Logging in Exchange 2003, I can see all the log files in exchsrv/server_name.LOG, the directory is shared  too. But  the Tracking Center does not seem to be working.  Everytime i do a search, i get no results at all. I am loggerd as the Domain Admiin, so i should have permissions..

Anybody ever experienced this problem?

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It is all about using the proper search parameters.

This page has a good writeup on configuring and using Message Tracking.

If you are still having issues, let us know.


Thanks for the reply.
This article is the reason I am writing here.. I followed it but no messages were displayed..
View the directory that the message tracking logs are located in.  Monitor the byte count of the logs.  If necessary, send a test email and verify that the byte count goes up.  If it does, then attempt to search with the appropriate sender/seceiver and time windows.

If the byte count does not go up then you will need to recheck your settings or even recreate the logs.

If the byte count does go up, but you are still unable to view the messages, you should probably check for any error messages in the event viewer.  Heck you can technically open up the log file itself in notepad.

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