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I am about to put my first website online, will you give me some information that would have been helpful to you when you first started hosting a website?

1) What should I look for in a host and what is your favorite host? (What is your opinion about HostGator.)

2) Should I register my domain name under all extensions? (i.e. ".com" , ".net", ".org", ".info", ".biz")

3) Are there more extensions than I listed above in question 2?

4) How do I register my domain name under all extensions.

5) Should I only register my domain names with the service I plan on hosting my website at?
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These questions are all kind of dependant on your type of businesses and fault tolerances.

1. In any hosting company you will want to make sure that you get a good service level agreement. Something that details maximum allowable downtime etc.

2. I would really only worry about registering them under the two main ones .com and .net unless the company really takes off you will probably have the chance to buy the other TLDs later down the road.

3. There are a whole lot of other extensions available. Registering them all would cost a ton. And thats not even counting the different country TLDs
.biz · .com · .info · .name · .net · .org · .pro
.aero · .asia · .cat · .coop · .edu · .gov · .int · .jobs · .mil · .mobi · .museum · .tel · .travel

4. I wouldnt register them under all as stated I would only do .com and .net to start.

5. Not sure what you mean by this?



By #5. Eventually I will have to choose a host. Should I only register my domain name using the service the Host provides? or will this cost more.

Or would it be ok to register my domain names with Yahoo business, then choose HostGator as my host? or will this cause complications.

What is the best way to register my domain names?
You can register your domain name with any registrar you like. I myself have all of my websites registered through because I lilke their management app. For several of them I have hosting through internetforall because it is cheap and i dont need much. godaddy charges 9 dollars or so to register and internet for all charges used to charge 1 dollar a month for hosting.

If you are going to be registering many domain names and getting a hosting plan with lots of bandwidth, storage space, email, ftp, etc, etc then you may be able to work a deal by combining them. But just for starting out I dont think it will cost you any more to register and host on different companies.

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