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I have a group of clients running a perl CGI application on my server.  90% of the code is the same across the installations.  My directory structure is like this:

The cgi directory holds the application, and the conf directory has specific client settings, logo names, feature settings, db tables and such.
I would like to have a common cgi directory that contains the common code for all clients, my difficulty is getting the common cgi files to read the correct conf file for the client.  I tried initially to symbolic link the common cgi into each client directory,
../commoncgi (actual directory with cgi files)
../client1/commoncgi (symbolic link)
then tried to access the conf file by reading ../conf but the system went down the commoncgi path, not the symbolic link path.

I know I can accomplish what I want to do by rewriting some of the code, but the application is 30+ files, I was really hoping there was an Apache configuration file trick or a *nix trick that would help me accomplish this.

Does anyone have any ideas that would help me do this?
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Use hard links. Apache does not go outside webroot with relative paths.
I'd also recommend hard links, something like

mkdir /commoncgi
mkdir /client1/cgi
mkdir /client1/cgi
ln /commoncgi /client1/cgi/commoncgi
ln /commoncgi /client2/cgi/commoncgi

(and adapt your CGIs according this directory tree)

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